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Aussie Thumper - John R Grealy


The Aussie Thumper tests and records surface hardness at ground level. Tests are mechanically & permanently recorded in less than 1 minute.

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Australian Patents Plus


APP is here to assist Australian Inventors to reach their goals.

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Temporary protection for high heels. This product is designed to help protect a ladies heel from damage. Helps to prevent damage to the outer coating of the heel, normally leather but also works on patent, plastic and other types of heels.

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Leemade Corporation Pty Ltd


Leemade Corporation Pty Ltd (Australia) have various patents & IP in sports practice apparatus, online gaming systems, grey water & rain water systems, tradepersons tool belts & accessories & much more...visit our website for more details

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New Australin Products & Innovation Marketing


creating a list of New Australian Products New Australian Products offers a listing point for all new Australian inventions and products

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Oz Innovation Web Consultancy Services


Oz Innovation helps you by providing the resources involved with the invention process from the initial idea and protection of the invention to making it financially successful.

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