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Bowen Therapist and ISBT Bowen Therapy Co-ordinator for Instructing new Therapists. located in Brunswick West, Melbourne. 11 yrs experience in Bowen & Remedial Massage. Mobile: 0438 234 839 Professional and friendly therapist who listens to your concerns and tailors your treatment for maximum benefits

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7 Meditations Meditate Talk


7 Meditations talk community Forum discuss & enhance your meditations experience. Free Online advice.

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A Qualified Masseuse popular


13 years experience in Remedial Massage Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Bowen Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage. A member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd

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Academy of International Martial Arts & Health


Martials arts & health remedies. private & corporate classes. clinic with full time practioners.

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Accent Longevity


Your Natural Holistic Health Centre offering services in: Kinesiology: Sarah-Jane Stockton, Acupuncture: Dr Albert Lee, Naturopathy: Janelle Simpson, Nutrition: Vivian Oberhollenzer, Fitness: Peter Scriven, Massage: Allison Jackson.

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Another Way


Healing & meditation courses & consultations.Guidance cards.Animal portraits in soft pastels.Greeting cards.Commission work.Self empowerment.

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Anthony Bautovich


Discover how you can recover from injuries faster, relieve pain and aid your body's recovery. This clinic is committed to providing you with the finest standard of patient care. We offer a gentle, effective hands-on alternative for the treatment and management of a broad range of conditions.

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Association of Feng Shui Consultants


The Association of Feng Shui Consultants was formed with the objective to define, promote and maintain a high level of standards in the practice of Traditional Feng Shui.

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Atlantis Rising


We carry out treatments and teaching for Reiki, Seichem & Ear Candling also Ear Candle Supplies.

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Atlantis Rising


Atlantis Rising NSW is a Natural Therapies Business located at Wadalba on Central Coast of NSW we carry out Reiki & Seichem Courses (All Levels), Ear Candling Treatments & Supplies, Reiki & EFT Treatments, SKHM All Love Courses with Patrick Zeigler in Australia.

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Australian Acupuncture Forum


Acupuncture.com.au - Australian Acupuncture News, Information and

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Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage


The Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage provides an opportunity for students to become highly skilled in the practice of traditional Thai massage (TTM), while acquiring a knowledge of the body from both Thai and western perspectives. Also workshops in traditional cupping, external injuries and gua sha.

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Bayside Kinesiology


At Bayside Ranee Zeller teaches people how to take back control of their lives and feel great. You can book a consultation to get friendly, individual service, or undertake one of our many uplifiting, accredited courses in Kinergetics, Jaw RESET, or self-development.

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Before Birth & Beyond


Doula (birth assistant) offering informational, physical and emotional support to woman and their partners throughout their pregnancy, birth and post partum periods. Whether birthing in a hospital, birth centre or at home personal packages designed to meet your needs.

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Biosun in Australia


We are the Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Original Biosun Ear Candles and other Biosun products for Australia and New Zealand. Biosun Ear Candles are certified as a Class IIb medical device. Biosun Ear Candles are listed as an Included Medical Device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for supply in Australia. Only ear candles that appear on the ARTG can be legally supplied in Australia. Our ARTG registration number is 142411. Note that no other ear candle in Australia has Class IIb certification.

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Blue Forest Productions


Creators of Meditation CD's designed to help with relaxation, spirtual, mind and body healing.

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Blue Oxygen


Pure medical grade Oxygen breathing using mask or cannula through measured flow-meters in a relaxed, private clinic environment with massage chairs and equipment and more. Also a specialised Apothecary for organic, non-generic herbal blends made to client specific medicinal requirements by qualified organic chemist/scientist practitioners.

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Breakthroughs Hypnotherapy


Specialists in Weight Control and Eliminating Fears and Phobias of any kind. If you've absolutely had enough, and want results yesterday, then we are the right people for you. Practical, down to earth, no-nonsense approaches are our trademark. We will challenge, inspire and guide you to achieve the kind of results that will leave you with a lasting impression of what you're truly capable.

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Carmen Mcatee


Massage and Bodywork by a Qualified Practising Massage Therapist

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Central Coast Body Therapists


Central Coast Body Therapists offering massage, day spa treatment, workplace training and many Alternate Therapies. We offer a mobile service as well as pamper parties.

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Chakra Energy Body Candles www.holisticshop.com.au


The Naturhelix chakra candles can balance the energies of our body via the chakras. These are special points of the energy system, the energy of the chakras can be beneficially influenced by using special colours, scents or gemstones. The colour and scent of our candles fit those of the chakra points to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Naturhelix Chakra Body Candles combine the power of fire, colours and essential oils providing a unique way to harmonise subtle energy. The candles are used over the 7 main chakra points to help re-balance chakra energy. CALL 1300 4 Candles (1300 422 635) holisticshop.com.au

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Change Happens - Counselling and Consultancy


Adam McLean a professionally qualified counsellor and psychotherapist dedicated to helping his clients gain awareness, insight and understanding to make positive, real change happen. Using a range of therapies that provide a sense of safety and support, Adam will work with you at a pace that meets your needs for lasting change to happen.

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Charkrafield Therapies

This is alternative therapies with a difference,Our studio is set in a spiritual athmousphere and we treat all of our clients as individuals. physcailly, emotionially and spiritually.Time with us is not a issue.specializing in Massage. Reiki, And self Healing. Short courses Avaliable to suit.

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Chiron Reiki


Two Reiki Masters Teachers, Jane Barry & Niel Carey teach the Authentic Japanese System of Reiki. They run workshops at Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden Levels. They hold classes in parramatta and Wentworth Falls. Reiki Treatments are only $50 and gift certificates are available. If you don't feel relaxed at the end of a 1 hour treatment we will ot charge you.

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Crosswire Seminars


At Crosswire Seminars we aim to help improve the lives of our clients by achieving a balance of mind, body and spirit.

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